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Patient Charter

Affidea Ireland Patient Charter:

  • We will be punctual and conduct scans at the scheduled time where appointments have been made.
  • Our team will be welcoming and respect your rights to be treated with dignity and respect your beliefs and values.
  • We offer our services to you without regards of colour, sex, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, national or ethnic origin, religion or source of payment. We will also endeavour to ensure that our centres are accessible for people with disabili-ties and others with specific needs.
  • Our team will be efficient at all times.
  • Our team will always act with your safety and comfort in mind and will encourage your participation by providing appropriate information regarding any of your con-cerns.
  • We will provide comfortable facilities for waiting and will make sure that our facili-ties meet health and safety standards.
  • You have the right to refuse our service but should return to your GP or consultant to discuss the implications of this decision.
  • You have the right to every consideration of your privacy concerning your care, in-cluding sources of payment and treatment. All communications and records relating to your care will be treated as confidential by Affidea Ireland staff. Examinations will be conducted discreetly and handled confidentially, giving reasonable visual and auditory privacy where possible.
  • You have the right to have your medical records read only by individuals involved directly in your care, by individuals monitoring quality or by individuals authorised by law or regulation.
  • Affidea Ireland commit to handling complaints objectively, compassionately and promptly.


Your responsibilities:

  • Answer Questions Fully
    You or your designated representative have the responsibility to read and familiarise yourselves with the information leaflets and to complete safety questionnaires accurately for your own safety.
  • Co-operate and communicate with providers
    You have the responsibility to participate in and to request further information concerning anything you do not understand.
  • Respect and consideration
    You have a responsibility to respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality of other patients. You have a responsibility to notify your provider as soon as possible if you must be late or cancel a scheduled appointment.
  • Financial Obligations
    You have the responsibility for the costs of your visit. You are responsible for assuring the financial obligations of your care are fulfilled. You have a responsibility to ad-here to the guidelines of your insurance coverage regarding referral policies.

To download our Patient Charter click here

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