Affidea continues ambitious expansion plan with new ExpressCare ‘Walk-In’ Clinic to treat minor injuries & illnesses

  • €2 million invested in new Affidea ExpressCare Clinic in Tallaght which has a consultant-led medical team and is designed to significantly relieve the burden on busy Dublin hospital A&E departments
  • It is the second Affidea ExpressCare Clinic to open this year – the other clinic is in Cork – and is part of a more than €20 million investment by Affidea in the Irish healthcare sector over past three years
  • Investment is part of Affidea’s wider European and global expansion plans in the outpatient sector, adding nearly 80 new centres to its network in the last 12 months

Affidea, Ireland’s leading independent provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient services, has invested €2 million in the opening of a new ExpressCare Clinic in Tallaght in Dublin for minor injuries and minor illnesses.

This investment into the new outpatient clinic is part of an overall €20 million investment in the Irish healthcare sector over the last three years. Affidea Ireland has created over 130 new jobs in this time, with ExpressCare in Tallaght involving the creation of 10 new positions, with more to come as activity at the facility increases. Located alongside Affidea’s existing state-of-the-art diagnostic centre, this now brings to 30 the number of highly skilled employees based there.

This is the second Affidea ExpressCare Clinic to open in Ireland this year, with the other clinic operating in Cork.

Welcoming the unveiling of the new clinic, Country Manager Barry Downes said; “Instead of attending a busy and stressful A&E environment in a hospital, people can now attend our ExpressCare clinics to have their minor injury or illness treated, quickly, professionally and to the highest of standards in an outpatient comfortable environment. This significantly benefits the Irish healthcare sector by relieving the burden placed on hospitals by large numbers presenting unnecessarily in A&E departments across the country.”

“Our initial ExpressCare Clinic in Cork has been a huge success, and we’re delighted to now be in a position to offer this excellent service to anyone living in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Louth. As we also offer a full suite of Affidea diagnostic medical imaging in our ExpressCare Clinics, this also frees up capacity for those in need of care in our hospitals.”

Promising fast turnaround times, ExpressCare is open from 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year. The consultant-led medical team cares for minor injuries and illnesses such as fractures and sprains, lacerations requiring stitches, sports and DIY injuries, minor burns and scalds, eye and ear injuries, insect and animal bites, infections and rashes. Children over the age of one can also attend the facility, so that parents don’t have to attend a busy hospital emergency department with an injured child.

Affidea ExpressCare provides services to all patients who attend on a fee for service basis, and it’s a covered benefit for health insurance providers Laya Healthcare and Irish Life Health. 

About Affidea in Ireland:

Affidea Ireland is part of the pan-European group, Affidea, that has 246 advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care centres in 16 countries. Treating over 6.5 million patients per year and employing over 7,600 people, of which 2,500 are medical doctors, the company has operated in Ireland since 2007 and employs 311 employees here.

In addition to the two Affidea ExpressCare Clinics in Dublin and Cork, the company also operates ten state-of-the-art diagnostic centres and two managed hospital services that provide MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and DEXA scan facilities across a national footprint*. This gives patients unrivalled access to diagnostic imaging which has previously been an issue in Irish healthcare.

The 10 Affidea diagnostic centres are located in Dublin – Dundrum, Northwood, Meath Primary Care and a new flagship clinic in Tallaght – Waterford, Kilkenny, Naas, Letterkenny, Northern MRI in Belfast and Cork city, with ultrasound services in Mallow Primary Care Centre. The company also works in partnership with hospitals to provide MRI services in Sligo General Hospital and the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast.

Affidea invests heavily in its medical capabilities and now operates the youngest and most modern fleet of MRI facilities within the Dublin region, with an average age of less than two years enabling it to provide high end diagnostic imaging in modern, comfortable settings. Affidea treated 170,000 patients at its centres across Ireland in 2017 and expects to exceed this figure in 2018.

The foundation upon which Affidea has been built is trust. Both doctors and patients know that we strive to provide the best standard of care, delivered by the best professionals with the most modern technologies. Patients trust and rely on doctors. Doctors trust and rely on us.
What’s Affidea’s secret to transforming the standards of healthcare service provision? Our people. Healthcare professionals that know what they are doing and care about what they do. They make us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.
We implement the highest standards and procedures to ensure safety. Affidea is committed to becoming the first European diagnostic provider to shape a new paradigm in patient safety by introducing a company wide Dose Excellence Programme ensuring the right balance between dose and image quality.
Affidea has an extensive network of international affiliations with the world’s top medical institutions to ensure that our doctors always have immediate access to the latest medical knowledge, clinical guidelines and medical procedures in all Affidea medical centres in order to ensure the highest quality diagnostics and cancer treatment.
We know that hospitality is important.  We care about how you feel and want to make each visit  to an Affidea centre as comfortable as we can.  An exceptional patient experience is ensured by delivering a personalised service in modern and comfortable service settings where you feel safe and confident that you are receiving the highest quality medical care.
Technology has done more for health today than it has ever done and will do even more in the future. Affidea is committed to operating a best in class medical equipment base and maintain it’s long standing relations with major equipment producers to ensure our patients will always have access to the latest, most innovative and effective technology.
We develop and exchange best practice. Patients deserve to know what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The continuous improvement of all Affidea care delivery processes is achieved by capitalising on the company’s extensive experience in 14 European countries and an organised effort to share best practice to improve patient safety and patient experience.