Athlete of the Year & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr on staying injury-free

Almost three months of training has passed now since a great summer for both myself and Irish athletics, and the intensity is starting to ramp up!

I’m able to put in a hard effort on a consistent basis, without risk of the body breaking down, as it is accustomed to the training and increased workload.

Olympian & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr drops into Affidea ExpressCare

The real work is only starting to kick in now as a gradual return to training is necessary to allow your body to adjust to the training load.

The monotony of the winter slog can be difficult for most of us to handle as there’s less excitement and more pain on the track, but this is when the hard work is done and the foundations are laid for – hopefully – more big performances come the summer!

You have to really remind yourself that every single repetition of every single session is going to pay dividends in the end. It’s as simple as that. Don’t give up hope!

Athlete & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr on accessing speedy treatment

It’s important to have a solid training group and training partners for both motivation and banter. I would find training daily extremely difficult without them.

But try not to take yourself too seriously! Find your rhythm, push yourself and each other, but not to the point of your body breaking down. Take one rep at a time and try to enjoy it.

Affidea Ambassador, Olympian Thomas Barr on the importance of recovery time

Staying injury-free and getting consistent training under the belt is so important – no matter the cold, wet or windy conditions!

I monitor the load carefully and, sometimes, less really is more if it means being able to consistently train without hinderance.

If you need to rest and recuperate, do. Listen to your body – you know it best and there are great services like Affidea provides if you need some expert attention. Here’s to a great 2019!

Olympian & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr on why DEXA scans for bone health & body composition are helpful for everyone

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