Athletics Ireland announce Affidea as Preferred Medical Provider

Athletics Ireland is delighted to announce the renewal of Affidea as preferred medical provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient services.

Affidea is Ireland’s leading provider of diagnostic imaging services, including MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray, CT and DEXA scans. Affidea operates a network of clinics across Ireland, meaning Athletics Ireland members can quickly access the facilities they need for rapid diagnosis of their sporting injuries.

As part of their outstanding outpatient services, ExpressCare Minor Injuries & Illnesses Walk-In Clinics in Northwood and Tallaght in Dublin, and The Elysian in Cork, further provide the perfect alternative to busy Emergency Departments.

Open to everyone from 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year, with no appointment or referral needed, ExpressCare  aims to see patients within a one-hour turnaround time.

Olympian and Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr knows better than anyone how pushing your body to its limits can lead it to break down, so having easy access to speedy treatment can make all the difference. He said: “Time is of the essence to detect injuries, so having these kind of diagnostic tools to help identify the problem can help significantly reduce time-out and get you back on the road to recovery. ExpressCare is perfect for sportspeople too. If you have an accident at training, or if you have kids and want to be seen quickly, this is the place to come. I’d highly recommend them.”

Olympian and Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr on accessing speedy treatment

Treating a huge range of ailments from fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains to minor head and chest injuries, minor burns and scalds, fever and infections, ExpressCare physiotherapists located on-site can further provide rehabilitation instructions; minimising the time it takes to get back training.

Affidea Executive and former international rugby player, David Corkery, said; “We are delighted to once again support the great work being done by Athletics Ireland. Our clinics across the country offer athletes a direct, fast and, most importantly, very professional service should they require any treatment. Many of the injuries that athletes report with are often triaged as a Class 4 or 5 injury, so it’s not uncommon to wait 6 to 7 hours to have a broken finger reset, for example. We all know that the most important time for an acute injury is the treatment administered immediately after the fact and the first 12 hours are the most critical in getting you back on track.”

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Hamish Adams, CEO Athletics Ireland, commented; “We are very excited to once again have the opportunity to work with Affidea, who have been one of the great supporters of athletics over recent years. ExpressCare provides an excellent walk-in service to treat minor injuries and illnesses, and the expertise on offer within these centres is a service we would encourage all of our members to use in times of need. The importance of treating all injuries immediately and appropriately to aid recovery cannot be underestimated. We look forward to working closely with Affidea and supporting our membership through this expert service.”

Country Manager Barry Downes added; “We have been a proud partner of Athletics Ireland for a number of years now, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer our full suite of services to all AAI members who can now access the country’s best diagnostics and treatment quickly and efficiently.”

The renewed sponsorship will also see Affidea partner with Athletics Ireland for the upcoming and hugely popular Irish Runner 5 Mile on June 15th and 10 Mile on July 13th.

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About ExpressCare:

ExpressCare is staffed with A&E trained doctors and nurses who care for minor injuries such as fractures and sprains or cuts requiring stitches. Children over one-year of age can attend.

Patients are often referred to hospitals due to difficulty accessing diagnostic services, but ExpressCare offers rapid access. As Ireland’s leading diagnostic imaging provider with a network of 12 clinics across Ireland, Affidea provides X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, CT and DXA scans in flagship scanning centres located onsite.

ExpressCare offers a complete patient pathway and has on-site consultant clinics, in disciplines such as physiotherapy, orthopaedics and plastic surgery; offering weekly clinics to follow up on any more serious injuries.

ExpressCare operates independently providing services to all patients who attend on a fee-for-service basis or, alternatively for patients with private health insurance with Laya Healthcare and Irish Life Health, ExpressCare is a covered benefit. They also offer a €50 discount for patients who present with a GP referral letter.

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