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Affidea Unveils €1m New MRI Machine in Santry Clinic


Dublin, 19th January 2017: Affidea, Ireland’s leading independent diagnostic imaging provider of XRAY, MRI and Ultrasounds, has today unveiled the most advanced 1.5 MRI scanner in Ireland at its Northwood Clinic in Santry, County Dublin. The high spec scanner, which cost €1m, comes as part of the company’s multi-million euro investment in the Irish healthcare sector, which will also see two new MRI scanners installed in the Dundrum clinic over the coming months.

The state of the art Siemens wide bore, short scanner, is wider and operates faster than standard scanners, providing a much more pleasant experience for claustrophobic and anxious patients. Additionally, the machine’s new technology results in a much quieter experience, which will be also be of benefit to patients who find it difficult to tolerate the noise of older scanners. The technology enables shorter than normal complex  scans such as brain, cardiac and breast scans.

Appointments for the MRI machine, can be made by referral, and are generally seen to within days, and are facilitated in evenings and on weekends. Results are provided within 48 hours.

Tom Finn, CEO of Affidea, said: “The arrival of the new MRI scanner at Affidea Northwood is further example of our commitment to providing the absolute best in terms of patient care.

Our scanning equipment for MRI, X Ray and Ultrasound is of the highest specification, and allows us to provide the highest standard of diagnostics available for Irish patients. This new MRI scanner, has features that will make even the most nervous patient feel more at ease – it is wider, scans are taken in shorter periods, and it is much quieter than what patients would be used to. This scanner is part of an overall investment of €15m by Affidea in the Irish healthcare sector over a two year period, which will see a further two new MRI scanners arrive in our Dundrum clinic over the next couple of months.”



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