Olympian & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr on why DEXA scans for bone health & body composition are helpful for everyone

DXA scans are helpful for anybody, not just athletes, as they can help determine the state of your bone health and whether action needs to be taken with regards to diet, etc.

This is particularly essential for athletes where joints and bones are put under massive stresses with each stride and foot strike. If your bones are not healthy and strong enough to withstand the continuous impacts, it will lead to fractures and stress related injuries, so early detection is better than treating an injury!

It’s always good to get a baseline level at the beginning of the year.

For example, I know that my hips and feet can be troublesome and susceptible to injury, so having these scanned with an MRI at the beginning of the season can then used as a comparison in relation to swelling or differences in joints later in the season if I do pick up an injury.

DXAs are great throughout the year to keep an eye on bone health and also body composition – muscle and fat composition – which can help guide diet, and strength and conditioning programmes, throughout the year.

Thomas Barr: Why MRI Scans are Important for Athletes

Olympic Hero & Affidea Ambassador Thomas Barr sets his sights high!

Affidea Ambassador, Olympian Thomas Barr on the importance of recovery time

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