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OPG Scan

What is an OPG Scan?

OPG Scan

An orthopantomogram (OPG) is an advanced type of dental X-ray that provides a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw, all of your teeth and the joints between your jaw and skull. Dentists use OPGs for information on impacted wisdom teeth, finding the source of dental pain, and assessment for the placement of dental implants.




1. Is it safe?

If you are pregnant an X-ray may not be an option. This depends on the type of X-ray that you need to have, as the levels of radiation exposure vary. Even though the risk to your baby is considered low, it is likely that your GP or dentist will advise you to postpone any unnec-essary X-rays until after giving birth.

2. Do I need to prepare for the scan?

Dental X-rays require no special preparation. You may be asked to remove bulky outer clothing and to remove jewellery which might interfere with the X-ray images.

3. What happens during the scan?

You will be asked to stand in the centre of the OPG machine. You must remain still during the X-ray so you will be asked to bite on a disposable guide to help you keep in position. When the X-ray is being taken, part of the machine will move in front of your face as the im-age is formed, but the machine will not touch you.

4. How long will the scan take?

The examination takes approximately 5 minutes.

5. When do I get the results?

You will be provided with the results for your dentist at the end of the appointment.

We are committed to providing the best rates possible for scans at our centres.
We offer fast access to scans throughout Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Sligo, Belfast, Naas and Letterkenny.