Thomas Barr: My Experience with Affidea

We caught up with Thomas Barr, Irish Olympian and record holder, about his experience at the Affidea Northwood clinic, and why Affidea is such a valuable service for athletes.

Was this your first time with Affidea?  

This was indeed my first time visiting an Affidea clinic. I had a full body composition DXA scan and I also got MRI scans on my hips, lower back and feet.  Between getting setup in the machines, transfer between the DXA and MRI machines for my different procedures and getting the scans done it took about an hour in total.

Why a DXA scan with Affidea?  

As an athlete the DXA body composition scan is one that I always love getting as I find it interesting and it is also important for me to monitor my weight – muscle and fat mass in particular. It gives an indication of bone health which is important in sprint events where impact in the lower limbs can be quite severe and stress fractures seem to be becoming more common in athletes.

Why a MRI scan with Affidea?  

MRI scans have also been an integral part in aiding my physio in diagnosing injuries. I have had a recurring injury in my hip the past 4 years or so, and it was the MRI and MRA scans which indicated a labral tear in the hip joint which was causing the pain and discomfort. Emma, my physiotherapist, could then design a rehab program around this and knew what was necessary in physio sessions to keep me on track. Knowing the mechanism behind my injury took out the guesswork and saved time.

Time is of the essence for an athlete especially when it comes to summer and competition season when it is integral to be able to consistently train and compete. Having these kind of diagnostic tools can help significantly reduce time-out due to injury.

What aspects of Affidea stood out for you?  

I had a very positive experience from the moment I walked in.  I was met by extremely friendly and helpful staff at reception – this was a common trend with all the staff throughout my visit, and it made all the difference.

I was waiting no more than 5 minutes before I was brought in for my scans. It was clear the clinic was busy, which meant there was a tight time schedule, no messing about, in got the scans done and out again – this suited me perfectly as I always run on a tight schedule, and I never once felt rushed. The staff were always courteous and reassuring – in particular for the MRI scan, they went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable as this can be daunting if you feel any way claustrophobic. Overall, I was finished all my procedures within the hour and I got fast results from friendly staff.

The foundation upon which Affidea has been built is trust. Both doctors and patients know that we strive to provide the best standard of care, delivered by the best professionals with the most modern technologies. Patients trust and rely on doctors. Doctors trust and rely on us.
What’s Affidea’s secret to transforming the standards of healthcare service provision? Our people. Healthcare professionals that know what they are doing and care about what they do. They make us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.
We implement the highest standards and procedures to ensure safety. Affidea is committed to becoming the first European diagnostic provider to shape a new paradigm in patient safety by introducing a company wide Dose Excellence Programme ensuring the right balance between dose and image quality.
Affidea has an extensive network of international affiliations with the world’s top medical institutions to ensure that our doctors always have immediate access to the latest medical knowledge, clinical guidelines and medical procedures in all Affidea medical centres in order to ensure the highest quality diagnostics and cancer treatment.
We know that hospitality is important.  We care about how you feel and want to make each visit  to an Affidea centre as comfortable as we can.  An exceptional patient experience is ensured by delivering a personalised service in modern and comfortable service settings where you feel safe and confident that you are receiving the highest quality medical care.
We develop and exchange best practice. Patients deserve to know what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The continuous improvement of all Affidea care delivery processes is achieved by capitalising on the company’s extensive experience in 14 European countries and an organised effort to share best practice to improve patient safety and patient experience.
Technology has done more for health today than it has ever done and will do even more in the future. Affidea is committed to operating a best in class medical equipment base and maintain it’s long standing relations with major equipment producers to ensure our patients will always have access to the latest, most innovative and effective technology.