5 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2022

Thinking of beginning a new fitness regime for 2022? Our brand ambassador, Chloe Watkins, joined us recently to provide tips on how achieve your New Year’s fitness goals.

Make a Plan

Before you begin, it is important to set clear and attainable goals for yourself. To do this, you must understand your current fitness level and decide on what will be a suitable time frame to reach your goals. Creating a plan will help you to stay motivated, particularly at times when you are experiencing low energy levels.

Be Realistic

You should understand that you won’t achieve your fitness goals overnight. Setting goals is a fantastic idea, but make sure they are realistic. Ensure that you pace yourself, you may see people exercising at a very high intensity, but you should start with a low-to-moderate intensity. This will help to prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring.

Bring a Friend

Bring a friend to the gym or on a short walk. The encouragement and motivation from friends or family can help you stay committed to your fitness plan. When you exercise with a friend, you’re more likely to encourage each other and to push a little harder than you might do on your own.

Make It Enjoyable

The importance of enjoying exercise cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to change things up this year, try a new group exercise class in your local gym or join a sports team. You’ll learn new ways to exercise and get effective instruction from a fitness professional. It’s also a great idea to reward yourself for achieving goals. Enjoying the process of reaching your goals and looking back on what you have achieved can help you to continue on your fitness journey. Why not check out your local hockey club too!

Staying Positive

Don’t give up on the goals you are aiming to achieve. On days when motivation is low, it is important to remember why you started your fitness journey. Having a positive attitude is key, as this will help you to stay on track. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you might feel tired or unmotivated at times but remember that small changes will add up over time. When you reach your goal, it’ll be worth it.

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