Affidea Speeds Up Digitisation

February, 2022



The company launches new HR solution to increase operational efficiencies and enhance employee experience

The Hague, The Netherlands, 10th February, 2022: In a bid to accelerate its digital transformation, Affidea, the largest European provider of advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, with an extended footprint of 319 medical centres across 15 countries, announces today the launch of a new HRIS – Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management(HCM) solution.

The implementation of the HRIS forms an important part of the company’s broader digital strategy of upgrading and simplifying its systems with standardised and automated processes, which will provide better analytical capabilities, performance insights, while reducing the HR manual tasks and impacting the team engagement. Digitisation sits at the core of Affidea’s operations, setting the company as the employer of choice as well as the preferred healthcare provider offering the best patients’ experience.

The Oracle Cloud HCM platform will provide Affidea with one single source of data related to employees, contractors, and affiliated professionals in terms of skills and qualifications which will further contribute to the creation of sub-specialty clinical expertise across the group, clinical services, expansion of company’s teleradiology and telehealth services across countries. Other benefits of the Oracle system implemented across Affidea include better management of continuous clinical education efforts by accessing the right professional audiences with specialised clinical training tailor made to their needs and knowledge exchange within peer-groups fostering transfer of best practices within internal medical professional networks.

Providing better analytical and reporting capabilities to the HR Teams across 15 countries, the solution will offer an increased efficiency of the company’s HR operations and personnel data management, in a GDPR compliant environment, bringing certain level of automation of current processes to become a basis for further automation. Countries where the solution has been implemented include: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands (Corporate HQ), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland.

Justyna Tyborowska, Senior Vice-President and Chief HR Officer for Affidea Group stated: “Digital transformation and continuous improvement of both medical and operational processes are key elements of Affidea’s growth strategy, aiming at offering standardised top notch cost-effective medical services and outstanding patient and referring doctors experience. We are bolstering our digitalization across the Group with a culture of innovation by bringing in place tech-savvy practices that enhance our way of working and allow focusing on value adding activities related to the business. The implementation of the global HR solution is a concrete deliverable of our digital strategy, data-based management practices and builds a strong foundation for further automation and integration with other company’s systems which will position Affidea as a leading digital healthcare provider”.

Oracle Cloud HCM Cloud has been rolled out across all Affidea countries and it is the first step of Affidea ERP implementation across the Group. The implementation was done by Oracle Consulting who guided Affidea through the project country-by-country. The step-by-step concept made it easier for Affidea to accommodate to the solution and establish real ownership of the new global HRIS cloud system.

”Companies are now facing higher employee expectations than ever before. Today’s workers are looking for instant access, highly personalized content and easy-to-use systems. These demands are urging HR professionals to rethink the way they approach the entire workplace experience. Oracle’s complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire helps Affidea to stay at the forefront of the healthcare industry and achieve long-term success.” –says Andrés Garcia-Arroyo, Vice President Applications CEE, Russia, Israel, North-East and West Africa, Levant and Turkey at Oracle.

About Affidea

Affidea ( is the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, operating in 319 centers across 15 countries in Europe. The Affidea Group works with over 9000 professionals serving more than over 10 million patients every year.

During the last three years, Affidea has built a strong and resilient European medical network with diversified services from diagnostic imaging and outpatient to cancer care services delivered with cutting edge technology in countries like Poland, Italy, Turkey, Bosnia and Romania. Moreover, as part of the overall outpatient strategy, Affidea has also enhanced its laboratory operations in countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia to create a strong synergy with its existing business model.

Affidea Group is a leader in innovative medical and digital technology, focusing on clinical excellence and continuous improvements. The company has gone through extensive growth across Europe, in terms of locations, diversification of the portfolio of its services and professionals. Only in 2021, the company has added 47 new medical centers to its network, completing 10 acquisitions in 5 countries.

In parallel, Affidea has fostered its digitalisation process, launching over 10 patient portals across its countries, in this way offering patients a fast and convenient way to book their appointments and get their results online, from the comfort of their home.

Thanks to its patients’ safety track record, Affidea is the most awarded diagnostic imaging provider in Europe by the European Society of Radiology – over 50% of all centers assigned on the Eurosafe Star Wall belong to Affidea.

The foundation upon which Affidea has been built is trust. Both doctors and patients know that we strive to provide the best standard of care, delivered by the best professionals with the most modern technologies. Patients trust and rely on doctors. Doctors trust and rely on us.
What’s Affidea’s secret to transforming the standards of healthcare service provision? Our people. Healthcare professionals that know what they are doing and care about what they do. They make us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.
We implement the highest standards and procedures to ensure safety. Affidea is committed to becoming the first European diagnostic provider to shape a new paradigm in patient safety by introducing a company wide Dose Excellence Programme ensuring the right balance between dose and image quality.
Affidea has an extensive network of international affiliations with the world’s top medical institutions to ensure that our doctors always have immediate access to the latest medical knowledge, clinical guidelines and medical procedures in all Affidea medical centres in order to ensure the highest quality diagnostics and cancer treatment.
We know that hospitality is important.  We care about how you feel and want to make each visit  to an Affidea centre as comfortable as we can.  An exceptional patient experience is ensured by delivering a personalised service in modern and comfortable service settings where you feel safe and confident that you are receiving the highest quality medical care.
We develop and exchange best practice. Patients deserve to know what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The continuous improvement of all Affidea care delivery processes is achieved by capitalising on the company’s extensive experience in 14 European countries and an organised effort to share best practice to improve patient safety and patient experience.
Technology has done more for health today than it has ever done and will do even more in the future. Affidea is committed to operating a best in class medical equipment base and maintain it’s long standing relations with major equipment producers to ensure our patients will always have access to the latest, most innovative and effective technology.