November, 2022

Affidea, the largest European provider of advanced diagnostics, outpatient and cancer care services, is delighted to announce that the company won this year’s LaingBuisson’s Diagnostics and Primary Care Award.

The LaingBuisson Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in healthcare, celebrating businesses that set new standards of excellence and make an impact in their category. This year is the 17th year of recognising excellence in healthcare, focusing on the health providers and their advisors.

Affidea won this category award for its innovative Dose Excellence Program for patient safety. Through this program, the company analysis information from more than 75.000 CT scans each month, achieving an average of 40% reduction of the radiation dose level in CT scans across its network to increase patient safety while maintaining the image quality for a precise diagnosis.

Recently, Affidea has taken the program to the next level with the launch of a 3.2 version of DoseWatch software, in combination with a real-time business intelligence (BI) tool for data dashboarding, Affidea Hungary and Spain centres being the first to implement it.

The project’s next step is contrast media data management, which allows notifications on clinical context and cumulative dose of iodine (risk factors, previous adverse events) as well as injection details (contrast media, volume, injection protocol). Thanks to the tracking and optimisation of contrast media, the company can personalise contrast injection to each patient, avoiding unnecessary extra contrast injection.

Guy Blomfield, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Affidea CEO, stated: “It is an honour to receive this prestigious award. This is a testament to all our efforts and achievements in providing exceptional patient safety, having in place stringent clinical protocols and innovative tools. I want to thank all our dedicated and amazing teams in clinics, and especially the Dose Excellence team members, for all their passion, commitment, and hard work that goes behind the scenes. This award recognises the very high quality of their work, and I could not be prouder of that.”

Dr Alessandro Roncacci, SVP Chief Medical Officer, added: “This is another proof of our strong compliance with the 2013/59 Euratom Directive by identifying real-time variations and standardising and optimising CT protocols while maintaining the gold standards on image quality and increased safety for our patients. In 2023 we have strong ambitions to extend the new version of our Dose Excellence Program across all Affidea countries, guided by our strong commitment towards the highest patient safety standards”.

The awards ceremony was held at the Park Westminster Bridge and was attended by more than 1,000 of the independent health sector’s key figures.

This award is the second award received by Affidea this year. In June, the company was awarded as the Diagnostic Provider of the Year Award at the HealthInvestor Awards 2022.

The foundation upon which Affidea has been built is trust. Both doctors and patients know that we strive to provide the best standard of care, delivered by the best professionals with the most modern technologies. Patients trust and rely on doctors. Doctors trust and rely on us.
What’s Affidea’s secret to transforming the standards of healthcare service provision? Our people. Healthcare professionals that know what they are doing and care about what they do. They make us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.
We implement the highest standards and procedures to ensure safety. Affidea is committed to becoming the first European diagnostic provider to shape a new paradigm in patient safety by introducing a company wide Dose Excellence Programme ensuring the right balance between dose and image quality.
Affidea has an extensive network of international affiliations with the world’s top medical institutions to ensure that our doctors always have immediate access to the latest medical knowledge, clinical guidelines and medical procedures in all Affidea medical centres in order to ensure the highest quality diagnostics and cancer treatment.
We know that hospitality is important.  We care about how you feel and want to make each visit  to an Affidea centre as comfortable as we can.  An exceptional patient experience is ensured by delivering a personalised service in modern and comfortable service settings where you feel safe and confident that you are receiving the highest quality medical care.
We develop and exchange best practice. Patients deserve to know what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The continuous improvement of all Affidea care delivery processes is achieved by capitalising on the company’s extensive experience in 14 European countries and an organised effort to share best practice to improve patient safety and patient experience.
Technology has done more for health today than it has ever done and will do even more in the future. Affidea is committed to operating a best in class medical equipment base and maintain it’s long standing relations with major equipment producers to ensure our patients will always have access to the latest, most innovative and effective technology.